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(up to 20 minutes each time)

Two hot tub checks- $105.00 per month


Four hot tub Checks- $170.00 per month


               (I provide chemicals )

NOTE: Snow removal to access hot tub cover, equipment,  hose bibs, and paths is additional. Turning on and off house water and re-winterizing is additional.


These rates only apply to established customers.

1. Turning on or off water in house and re-winterizing is $45.00 per hour.
2. Dump and scrub for a standard size spa, pull and soak filter in chemicals is $170.00 per time.
3. Extra spa maintenance labor is $95.00 per hour. This rate applies at time of service not for repairs.
4. Snow removal from spa lid, access to and around spa equipment, decks and propane tank, as needed, is $55.00 per half hour.
5. Extra time spent at house or doing miscellaneous work is $95.00 per hour.
6. Extra service calls and repairs are $95.00 for the first ¼ hour, additional labor fees would apply thereafter.
7. After hour emergency calls are $140.00 for the first half hour (Saturday and Sundays). Time-and-a-half for any additional labor would apply thereafter. ($180.00 on holidays). 
8. Spa filters require soaking in chemical to thoroughly sanitize. The operation is performed at the base, therefore, our customers are advised to keep at least one extra set of filters so this may be accomplished. A $18.00 cleaning charge per set of filters (2) is charged.
9. A bounced check fee of $35.00 will apply for any returned check.
10. A monthly re-billing fee of 2% will be charged if account is not paid within 30 days of date billed.
11. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We also reserve the right to discontinue spa/house check service if account becomes too outstanding.

NOTE: Spas used weekly by different families should be routinely drained and filters soaked in chemicals at least once a month. It is recommended that spas be drained and refilled with each rental for medical and liability reasons. The owner should contact us to ensure proper maintenance.

You should routinely drain, clean and refill spa once every three to six months, depending on usage, as a spa is nothing more than a large bathtub. Spa filters should also be soaked in chemicals once a month. Spas can get chemical-bound and contaminated rapidly, due to the warm temperatures, which promote algae and bacterial growth.

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